Happy 4th Birthday…

This year you will notice that we did not run the usual writing competition, instead we elected to compile a collection of stories from children.  The reason for this – This year on the 24th August Marshall would of turned 4 years old.  A little boy bustling to start kindy, finger painting, writing letters and learning his ABC’s.  Instead we reflected on the time past and Marshall’s memory.  We also celebrated his gift to the family, we celebrated the news that Marshall’s parents are expecting a baby.  A sibling for little Tameka who is now 2.   Therefore, we thought it would be beautiful to compile a collection of stories and drawings by children dedicated to Marshall.

We will keep everyone posted as to its readiness, we plan to have it released for Marshall’s 5th birthday.




We are delighted that after hurdling a few obstacles, Marshall’s Toy Box is progressing towards publication.  Ten beautiful stories by our winners and runners up over the past three years will show case in this very delicate and touching volume to warm the heart for those suffering a loss.  Marshall’s Toy Box will be available before Christmas 2014.

After much consideration, the winners of this very special competition will receive a ‘painting certificate.’  To celebrate this occasion I have decided that all of our past winners deserve such a beautiful memento for their winning stories.  A hand painted and numbered certificate will be sent to each of our ten winners from 2011-2013.   All winners moving forward will receive this beautiful memento for their stories.

The paintings are currently being done, to all of our past winners please allow three weeks for our special gift to you.



Winner’s Awards…

Wow term 3 just flew by!  We enjoyed our break and was delighted to arrive home and see the MAH winner’s certificates on my desk.  If you haven’t sent us your postal address, please do so so I can send your certificates out this week.  Congratulations again to Kaye Baillee, Tricia Simmons and our 2013 winner Ali Durham.

I look forward to reading everyone’s stories again next year.





Congratulations again to all of our 2013 winners.  I would also like to personally thank all of those who entered again this year.   We look forward to reading your submissions again next year.

Could all place winners please email me your postal address so I can forward your winning / place certificates.  Please email:




2013 winner announced…

2013 Winner:
Winner: ‘Too Many Socks’ by Ali Durham
Second place is awarded to Tricia Simmons for her story ‘Mr Magic,’
Third place is awarded to Kaye Baillie for her story ‘Gracie’s Nest.’
Congratulations to all of this years place winners.  We thank everyone who entered this year and we hope to receive your submission again next year.

Short list announced..

Please visit Jelli-Beanz Publishing link to view this year’s shortlist.


Thank you for your submissions.

MAH Writing Competition Team

Submissions close today…

Thank you to all of those people who have submitted a story in this year’s Marshall Allan Hill writing competition. This year, our third year, I have noticed an increase in submissions.  I look forward to reading through all of your stories and passing them along to Marshall’s parents.